Cheap flights from Perth to Melbourne

Cheap flights from Perth to Melbourne

More and more people are travelling to and from the West Coast. From the mining boom to the beautiful beaches and wine distracts, Perth and Western Australia really is beautiful.

But, what if you live in Perth and want to travel to the east coast? specialises in helping people get the best travel deal and travelling from Perth to Melbourne is no exception. Due to the increase in volumes from east to west and west to east flights are much easier to come by. Living in a country like Australia it is crazy to think a flight from one side of the country to the other can take well over 3 hours but it is true! It is around 2700 km’s in distance and really is a change in scenery.

Thanks to the increase in volume there are many more flights then there once was to choose from. For those of you who weren’t fond of the old red eye, leaving late at night and turning up at the crack of dawn you will be happy! There are over 20 flights a day on the major carriers (QANTAS, Jetstar, Virgin and Tiger) from Perth to Melbourne leaving anywhere from Midnight till Mid Day and everything in between. Depending on your schedule you will be able to find the right flight. If you are leaning towards one carrier over another QANTAS and Virgin do battle out of the most trips with Jetstar and Tiger filling the gaps. Obviously of you are hunting for a cheapest flight you may have to leave your preferences behind though with Jetstar and Tiger really fighting out cheap travel.

Whether it is for work or play, once you get there we can have you covered. Not only do we specialize in cheap domestic flights we can cover everything from transfers to hotel bookings and everything in between. As everyone knows Melbourne really is turning into a World City so no matter what your plans or budget you will have a great time.

You can jump a tram and wonder down Chapel Street enjoying the shopping and great coffee (maybe even a cheeky drink! – there is lots of bars!) Check out the beautiful botanical gardens. Go to the Historic Queen Victoria Market and have a shopping spree. Or even pop into the Casino and just relax in the atmosphere. The world really is your oyster when you can fly.

If you are looking for accommodation please fill out our form here  and someone can be in touch to arrange a bespoke quotation because Melbourne really does have all of your bases covered. There is over 50 5 Star venues in Melbourne and nearly 250 4 star rated locations.  Not to mention plenty of trendy, fun student and back packing hostels and hotels.

Now don’t forget to fill out our contact form here so someone car be in touch to help you out with your trip from Perth to Melbourne. It doesn’t matter if it is a business day trip or a week away with a loved one we’ve got your back!



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