Flights Sydney to Melbourne

Flights Sydney to Melbourne

It should come at no surprise that in a country that has become so accustom to accessible travel and has some of the most amazing cities in the world that one of our air routes is currently the 4th busiest in the world. Not only are in in Australia (if you haven’t noticed we love this place) you are surrounded by amazing world cities like Sydney and Melbourne.

Running over the list from 1 – 10 (according to Amadeus)

Top Domestic Flights

Not only do we feature in at number 4 we are seen again down in an equal number 10. An impressive feat for a country of just over 20 Million people VS Korea 50+ Million and Japan 125+ Million (pat on the back Australia!)

Looking at the stats it is no surprise there is so many people travelling between the two amazing cities. In the City of Sydney on any given day there is over 600,000 visitors in the city to shop, sight see and admire the beautiful city. With all of these visitors there must be a lot of places to stay! According to the The City of Sydney Council, Sydney City is home to 60% of Greater Sydney’s hotel rooms. In 2012 alone, over 4.25 Million people stayed at hotels in the city and spent over $5 Billion dollars into the local economy. It is also a great City for young people, and who loves travelling? Young people! In 2011 nearly half of the population was aged between 18 – 34.

Now once you have left the amazing Sydney you are on your way to Melbourne.

We have talked a lot about Melbourne in the past and it is again no surprise this is such a busy air route. From business to pleasure there is a million different reasons to make the jump down the south coast to visit beautiful Melbourne.

Now no matter what reason you may have to be making the 1 hour commute to the south side we have your back. From the flight there in the first place (Probably our strong point 😉 to car hire and putting you up in the beautiful city.

To get a quote or just some more information on getting down to Melbourne town please fill your details out on contact page here. One of our professional travel consultants will be in touch to customise a trip for you.



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