Let it snow!!

Let it snow!!

Australia is an incredible place, in an incredible part of the world. Certainly not famous for its cold weather, visitors to our beautiful country can be often heard saying  ‘it snows in Australia?’

Many of us in Australia are enjoying the long summers and fantastic beaches, so ‘snow in Australia?’ rarely falls under consideration. Sure it might sprinkle a bit here or there way up on a mountain somewhere, but it’s just about winter time and I’m still quite happy spending my time at the beach ‘it’s not even cold yet’ says the keen surfer through chattering teeth. Besides, just because N.S.W resorts got 70 cm’s of fresh snow last week doesn’t mean I can drop what I’m doing and drive all the way from the gold coast to Jindabyne. Wait hang on, 70 cm!!!! That sounds like a lot!


5790389190_55d40ee7de_zYou hear bits and pieces about the snow in Australia but I certainly didn’t expect that much snow!


Okay so I’m intrigued now, what’s the big attraction?



When you go looking for snow in Australia you Find Perisher and Thredbo, tucked high into the mountains of South east N.S.W. Australia’s premier snow resorts, and first port of call for the keen skier or snowboarder the host of these world renowned alpine areas is ‘The Kosciusko national park’ which welcomes visitors to the region at a rate of over 3 million per year!!

The snowy mountains region offers activities year round with beautiful landscapes, and challenging hikes for the adventurer, as well as excellent dining and peaceful surroundings with fresh mountain air for someone looking to relax on their getaway but with winter creeping up, I think it’s time to hang up that beach towel and try my luck on the slopes. Time to see what all the fuss is about, I mean how good can the snow in Australia be?

Perisher and Thredbo resorts are host to many talented Australian athletes and future Olympians and serve as an excellent training ground for athletes from all over looking to improve their skills on the snow. While the northern hemisphere thaws out, they come from places like Finland or Norway or Canada or japan, and chose Australia of all places to keep their skills sharp and progress their sport! That is Amazing! Now I really gotta see what’s up in our mountains!!

The first obstacle before any adventure is getting there. Driving long distances can be a pain, and in a lot of cases with petrol prices it isn’t always the most economical option. There is a lot of interest coming from the gold coast and other regions that are seemingly much too far away, but is the classic road trip option the best option or is there another way? An option for the slightly less enduring motorist; How can I maximize my time on the snow, and save my car from stacking up some of those kilometres?

With Canberra international airport only 2 hours from Perisher and Thredbo resorts, and Cooma Airport to service the snowy mountain region, the ski fields aren’t quite as far away as those road signs would have you believe. Cooma airport is located about a 45 minute drive from the town of Jindabyne. The Historic town is a bustling holiday destination over winter that offers a huge range of accommodation, bars and dining experiences and an enormity of activities for the entire family. After a small amount of research, the short Sydney to Cooma flight fetches a reasonable price at approximately $150 (depending on times and bookings). This speedy flight is back on the ground within an hour, and has you on your way to your dream winter getaway. Snowman time!!

Now, all this snow gear looks really expensive! There are many rental options for snow equipment available ranging from basic gear to high performance products, suitable for the whole family big or small and of any skill level. The helpful ski and snowboard technicians from one of the many rental facilities will assist you with choosing the correct equipment to ensure an excellent experience on the slopes.


Hmm, so where can I keep the family warm and store all this bulky gear? The snowy mountains region offers a variety of accommodation, and though it can be difficult to choose what might suit you or your family the best, there are plenty of options and information on property types available. Essentially the rule is; the closer you are to the snowfield the more expensive it will be. However, to attract business major resorts have been known to offer major discounts at certain times throughout the season. While this usually isn’t peak season timing (best snow conditions) it’s difficult to predict the weather and you might just snatch up a bargain and get some great snow falls too! The town of Jindabyne is the most popular choice for travellers seeking a roof over their head, as it is close to snowfields and offers a unique night life, Wonderful views of the lake and exceptional Dining experiences. Jindabyne offers everything from hostels and budget accommodation to hotel lodging and serviced apartments.

So who’s with me ?


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Alec Nielsen

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